Hardwood Flooring Color Trends  2020


Let’s talk about all the Hardwood Flooring color trends 2020, hardwood flooring still remains perhaps the most popular type of flooring in Home all across the world. Its comfortable, warm and most importantly of all, it’s stylish. Because at the end of the day, hardwood is what makes a house a home. Best of all, it can be changed over the years to ensure that your floor is always keeping up with the latest trends in the hardwood flooring industry.

You should bear in mind, however, it is most important to choose something that you like, rather than basing your own home decor off current trends, even though both are ideal. That’s exactly, why we have created this guide to the latest trends in the hardwood flooring industry.


  1. Light Brown Hardwood Floors


Inspired by a more European look, designers have begun to turn towards a light-brown hardwood floor. The beauty of this colour, is that it can balance out darker colours like Sherwin Navy, which was named as Sherwin Williams’ color of the year. Or perhaps if a more French country-house feel is what you’re looking for, it can serve as a foundation for bright colours. Either way, the rise in popularity of this Light Brown shade is undeniable, and will undoubtedly continue to surge in the years to come.


  1. Grey Neutral Hardwood floors


The slightly more muted scheme of Grey neutral has also taken a centre stage in recent years. This incredibly versatile and aesthetically balanced colour scheme has drifted from its exclusivity to an urban environment, but has since become synonymous with smart & stylish.


Perhaps the best part of this design, is the incredibly diverse range of options that it offers. You can have a choice from subtle reds, luxurious purples or a calmer & relaxing blue. Whatever you decide to do with this scheme, make sure you don’t ignore this up & coming trend in 2020.

Hardwood Flooring color trends 2020

Classic gray stain on red oak


  1. Fumed Wood Flooring with stronger colors

Nearly every kind of wood flooring that you see undergoes some kind of straining procedure to give it its final finish. Fumed flooring, however, is out through a process in which airborne ammonia is released. This results in a colour change, which creates darker and richer tones, in order to give the hardwood flooring a more appealing and luxurious result, as opposed to common standard stained flooring procedures.


 In conclusion then, it appears that in 2020 very few people are satisfied with just traditional, old school hardwood flooring schemes. The trends outlined in the example above has proved that these new styles have been steadily increasing in popularity for years, and should be expected to continue to grow in 2020 and beyond. The appeal for more subtle, cooler colours with a varying range of textures and designs should not be ignored in the coming years, as it is currently more popular then ever before.

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Hardwood Flooring Trends 2020