How to take Measurements for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

All you need is measuring tape and a calculator,  If your room is rectangular,  simply  first measure the width and then the depth of the room, once you have both numbers  multiply  both results, that will be the area of the floors, if on the other hand your floor area is not a perfect rectangle try breaking the room down into rectangular sections, to get the total just add all the results. If you are confused by some spots just snap a picture and send it to us that we will help you, but don’t worry it doesn’t have to be exact  if  there is any difference we will verify and adjust the price accordingly before we start the job.

When measuring a kitchen,  do it from wall to wall including cabinets and island in case there is one, kitchen cabinets and islands are very hard to work around and require special care.

here is a sample of the formula to calculate area

12″ Width X 15″ Depth = 180 square feet