Hardwood Floor refinishing Near Me Livingston NJ

Hardwood Floor refinishing Near me Livingston NJ your hardwood floors can be the answer to your problems! Sanding and refinishing takes three to five days in general, depending on the desired finish. Even though it appears to be a lengthy process, the end product is definitely worth the wait. We provide the greatest quality hardwood floor refinishing in town, using cutting-edge equipment and years of sanding experience.

Sanding, staining, and three coats of your selected hardwood finish are the basic phases of refinishing. When it comes to sanding your hardwood floors, we employ the greatest equipment available in the market.

After you’ve finished sanding, the fun part begins: applying the new color you’ve chosen. You can choose any hue from two distinct stain guides that contain more than 50 different colors. A stain demonstration is one of the fantastic services we provide. When you see your color on your brand new floor rather as a color swatch, it’s much easier to make a final decision.

Select two of your favorite colors and allow us to demonstrate their actual meaning on your floor. It’s time to apply the first of three coats of your chosen finish when the stain has dried. The application technique and drying durations will differ slightly depending on the finish you choose.

Buffing is done in between each coat application to maximize smoothness and luster. The option to choose from a variety of finishes allows you to customize the strength and longevity of your floor. We promise your pleasure with the project and can’t wait to show you the results!



Hardwood Floor Stain colors.

There are many varieties of stain ,each floor takes the stain differently, so after our crew sand an area on your house we can apply samples of the colors to show on your own floor how is truly going to look like, in our experience we have found that this is the best way to choose stain colors .

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Hardwood Floor refinishing Near me livingston nj

Hardwood Floor refinishing Near me livingston nj

Hardwood Floor refinishing Near Me Livingston NJ

Our Installations are performed by certified Wood installers, we are proud of our craft and experienced in all types of hardwood flooring wether is Prefinished, Unfinished, or laminate.

Our services include:

+ Sanding and refinishing
+ Installation of new hardwood floors
+ Refinishing old hardwood floors
+ Custom staining
+ Custom floor designs
+ Installation of Solid Hardwood
+ Laminate Floor Installations
+ Engineered wood Installations
+ Pre-finished Hardwood Installations
+ Sanding Hardwood
+ Refinishing Wood Floors
+ Repairs
+ Installations of Luxury Vinyl Planks
+ Unfinished Solid Wood Installs