Wood Floor Refinishing and Installations  Montclair NJ

Looking for Wood Floor Refinishing and Installations Montclair NJ?  We offer these services with great quality and we have been serving Montclair for more than 10 years, check our company reputation.

With time and traffic hardwood floor will show wear and tear, Refinishing your wood floor is the best way of increasing the value of your home while simultaneously beautifying your space.

The process of Refinishing your hardwood floor is done by our craftsmen that are skilled and experienced and basically this is what Hardwood Floor Refinishing consist of:

We sand all the finish of the existing floor and remove approximately 1/32″ of wood that will remove any scratch.Floors are then coated with polyurethane, most 3/4″ hardwood floors can be sanded up to six times, as long as done by professionals .You can choose the finish of your choice, there is water based polyurethane and Oil based polyurethane,

You can also choose to have your hardwood floors stained before the varnish is applied, that will be giving a different color to your wood, but not all woods can take stain,  we will always give you a professional advice. Wood Floor Refinishing and Installations Montclair

 more details of Hardwood Floor Refinishing  call for more information or to get a free estimate 973-336-0927

Wood Floor Refinishing and Installations Montclair NJ

Hardwood Floor Installations

We at Wix Flooring Install all kind of Hardwood Floors domestic and exotic species unfinished and Factory Finished, laminates and Luxury Vinyl Planks.

The kind of installation will depend on the wood you choose and your sub-floor our team will that is experienced and certified will advise you on which installation is the best to be done on your floors.

-Nail Down/Staple Installation

-Glue Down Installation

-Floating Installation

We provide High-End  flooring services, research to see what our customers say about us, visit our social media and follow us.

Our services include:

+ Sanding and refinishing
Installation of new hardwood floors
+ Refinishing old hardwood floors
+ Custom staining
+ Custom floor designs
+ Installation of Solid Hardwood
+ Laminate Floor Installations
+ Engineered wood Installations
+ Pre-finished Hardwood Installations
+ Sanding Hardwood
+ Refinishing Wood Floors
+ Repairs
+ Installations of Luxury Vinyl Planks
Unfinished Solid Wood Installs